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Welcome to the Midwest Tractor Rides Website! 

What a year 2019 was. The year started off extremely well for me, and then progressively got more chaotic as the year went on. By the time May rolled around, it was time for my college graduation, but before that happened, some unforeseen events popped up and took my family for a ride on a rollercoaster. To say that this year has been hectic for me is an understatement. As summer faded into fall, I still held several different jobs, as most of you probably know by now, and tried to keep a healthy balance of sleep, work, and family time. Sickness in the family, once again, has also left me extremely strung out. This left me little to no free time at all, and I am sorry that things haven't been as up to date on this site as they should be. I volunteer my time to run this site, so it doesn't always have the full attention of mine, and I am truly sorry. 


It is my hope that 2020 will be a better year all around, and it is also my hope that I will actually get to go on some of your guys' amazing tractor rides! I always enjoy hearing stories, seeing photos, and reading through comments about other tractor rides, and it is truly my hope that I can get on one besides my own this year!

Thank You for making this such a success!

~Kirk Langner 

Website Administrator 

We strive to provide information regarding any tractor ride events in the Midwest!


Our mission is to keep the public informed about when these rides take place!  

Anyone may submit an event for an upcoming tractor ride under the "Submit an Event" tab. We will do our best with updating the site frequently with the latest information. Please allow at least 3 business days to post events! 

We are headquartered in Schaller, Iowa where multiple nearby Tractor Rides take place every year. Many of our local drivers enjoy

hauling their antique tractors to neighboring states to participate in other Rides throughout the Midwest. 

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We are passionate about bringing you up to date information about tractor rides in the Midwest! 

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