Do you ever wonder why our ride runs so smooth? Here is the reason.

The Second Annual Harold King Memorial Tractor Ride was held on Saturday June 3, 2017. This year the ride team and myself are glad to announce that we had 24 Tractors, 27 Participants, 3 dedicated kitchen helpers and over 10 of Harold’s beloved family members present. While the day started off beautiful, it did get a little warm out after our noon meal, all of which was homemade. Kirk Langner, Harold’s grandson made his mouth watering pulled pork, while Harold’s wife Marilyn made a variety of salads, and homemade bars for dessert. This year’s ride was 53 miles, many of which were on gravel roads, but we did have some paved roads as well. We once again passed through 4 counties, Sac, Buena Vi

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