Recent Midwest Tractor Rides Updates!

First and foremost I want to thank each and everyone of you for utilizing this site, and for spreading the word - unique site visitor numbers are absolutely remarkable! 


I have recently been receiving a lot of emails and hearing a pretty significant amount of chatter about why the website has not been getting updated as regularly as it normally does, and now that I have a few spare moments, I am going to tell you why. 


Myself, and my immediate family have had some pretty significant health setbacks this year - starting with myself back in April when I had my third knee surgery. Most recently, my grandfather underwent surgery to have a triple bypass, and a leaky valve repaired, which was not expected what-so-ever. The same week, the same grandfather suffered from a massive stroke and was in ICU hanging on by a thread. I am glad to report that he is now stable and is undergoing physical, occupational, and speech therapy at a rehabilitation center. Furthermore, the same week my grandfather had his surgery and stroke,  I once again went under the knife for my fourth knee surgery, and just about as soon as I got home from the hospital we called the ambulance for my father as he could not walk. He was transferred from a local hospital that night to a trauma center where we later learned that he fractured his T-12 Vertebra, and would have to undergo surgery himself. I am also glad to report that he is doing well while he is going through a rather rigorous physical therapy routine.


As for myself... well, I start going back to physical therapy this coming week, and if this round of therapy does not work, I will be getting a second opinion as to why my knee still is not functioning correctly, and more than likely will have to undergo a fifth knee surgery.


I am not emailing you all of this because I want sympathy for my family or myself, rather, because I feel it is necessary for the people who utilize the website to have an explanation as to why it hasn't been updated regularly as of late. 


I am extremely sorry for the delays, and if your rides have past and I did not get them posted in time, do know, that I am sincerely sorry for not getting it posted to the site. Family is very important to me, and they will always come first. 


I hope you all have a blessed weekend! 


~Kirk Langner 

Volunteer Admin.